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Parner Public School


The English faculty of PPS, Parner, with its team qualified and dedicated staff has to its credit, success in being able to teach English as a multi-skill with listening, reading, speaking and writing as the major components. The English language teachers here believe and understand that English as a language cannot just be taught like other subjects. The language teachers know that training a foreign language is akin to learning to drive. The learner cannot be an expert unless he drives on the road interaction with co travelers This is just what the English language teachers do here. They provide a congenial environment in the classroom to encourage communication in English fluently and effectively. The classroom teaching is an English class is in keeping with the communicate approach prescribed by the State Board. An English class is one of the most interesting and innovative classes with a host of interactive activities like brain steaming sessions, group discussions, pair work, debates, project work, symposiums etc.

The Students of PPS, Parner also make use of the language lab computerized and equipped with multimedia software tailor made for learning of language as a skill, L.C.D. projector and various audio Visual aids.


Teaching science in PPS is exhilarating experiences not only for the teacher but also for students. Teachers perform innovative experiments to explain a concept clearly. Students are encouraged to bring in experiments and demonstrate. They use computers for making POWER POINT presentations on varied topics. We believe in taking science beyond the four walls of the class room. Learning by Doing makes science fun. Massive participation of the students in the various scholarship examinations is the proof of the student’s interest in the subject. P.P.S. Parner has to its credit a number of accolades for various statel level scholarship exams like the Homi Bhabha Science Olympiad Exam. We have three well-equipped labs-Physics, Chemistry & Biology each accommodating 30 to 35 students at a time for all classes.