Principal Desk

principal image Mr. Gitaram Mhaske


Destiny of our nation is being shaped in every classroom.

Dr. Sarvpalli Radhakrishanan

The school is sowing the seeds of creating moral and corruption less civilized citizens. Corruption is one of the dangerous problems of our India. In order to wipe out such problem from our India, it is important to have good and corruption less administrative officers. Hence the school has kept a vision in front of creating civilized administrative officers in future. The school is inculcating the value of patriotism among the pupils. How will the students create anti-corruption atmosphere in their future while working in various sectors is one of the targets of school.

In a civilized country school is the only institution which can be a positive and effective force in constructively channeling children’s energy. Schools have a responsibility to recognize the sociological changes taking place in the 21st century and plan creative activities that develop children potentiality and none their skills and also enable them to stride their world with pride.

As I said many times before we will not rest on our laurels, together we will forge ahead taking the school to its glory.

Thank You.